by Quinn's Penguinn

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released November 7, 2009

Recorded and mixed at Pure Art Studios
in Hesperia, CA

Mastered by: Alex Hartleben

Alex Hartleben appears courtesy of
Torn Finger Productions
contact: Tornfinger@yahoo.com



all rights reserved


Quinn's Penguinn Hemet, California

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Track Name: Count the Loss
We take a little bit more, but it's never enough.
It’s always been our nature to see right through you.
Wait – Stop... What did we do?

*It's the problematic cause
for us to know there's something wrong.
We’ll have to kill you; we'll have to kill you.
Mother the Homeland's gone.
We'll have to stop and count the loss.
Guess our hindsight's never really been that strong.

And when it all burns down, I don't wanna see you frown.
Track Name: Gilded Butterflies
At what point will obsession
become the sweet fruit that she craves,
because I'm willing to give her a taste.
She needs me, yet doesn't know me.
I'm hanging on every word she says
from those magazines that I read.

And I'm never gonna learn until I tear these pages apart
to read her wanting heart...
And she's never gonna learn until I find out where she lives
to show her what I have to give...

I think all she's ever wanted was to be loved.

*Hope your window's not too high
so I can take you away, take you away.
And if you ever doubt me,
I'll help you see it my way, you'll see it my way.

At what point will deception
become something that I see?
She's been using it on me.
I love how she'd play hard to get;
I hate that she's a hypocrite.

I'm screaming: "Laugh, you gilded butterfly!
You're a beautiful girl when you cry..."
Ironic, yet, still no surprise your lust for fame and diamonds.

I think all she ever wanted was to be freed.

I'm sure, we're meant to be
I've seen all, your movies
Track Name: A Sacrifice to Burn My Lungs
I'll breathe your fresh air and you'll steal my lungs.
(A sacrifice for something else)
I'll breathe your fresh air and you'll burn my lungs.
(A sacrifice I've never felt)
I'm on the verge of a moral breakdown.
I've got the urge for a moral takedown.

I slip through your window; you lock up your door.
We both lay on blankets sprawled out on your floor.
And I love you like we... like we won't ever live like this again.
You came back for more and I loved you still.
Thought you wanted it all, but you just wanted feel
like a religion you never knew.
Did I make you feel pure, (act) like you never knew?

She's my target; a clean shot's what I'm after.
My eye to the scope, through a blur of moving color.
Track Name: Cute Black Girl
I don't know much about you, but I know you can't be beat
as I lose myself in your succulent lips.
There's no way getting around it and, yeah, it tastes so sweet
the way you've got me in this kiss.

*You're my best friend – when I look in your eyes I see a cute black girl with charm and disguise.
I don't know much about this, but I know it'll be alright
as I see your beautiful figure standing there.
And I can't find another reason not to just say yes tonight
when I just can't believe you're here.


Lunch sounds good, but dinner sounds better.
I'll get a nicer chance of hearing those three words I can't utter.

When you walk away...
I know you've gotta feel me dying inside.
When you walk away...
Track Name: RealBoy Tank
Your truth's a lie.
I drive all night.
My tires are flat.
The tank's out of gas.

Did you think
that I'd forget you?
As easily
as you forgot me.
Track Name: Explosive Blonde
It's cold and it's late, but I won't lie
about the fact that you took me by surprise.
We drive in your car but we don't know to where
and you're “oh so cool” that I just don't care.
We walk through the park. We try to see stars.
All we see are some planes, talk middle names, and cool cars.
I play you a song and it’s such irony,
'cause you could be my best friend.

*You know that I want you, and that's a start.
You could have my keys, my guitars if you'd only let me have the key to your heart.
You know that if you wanted to, you could tear me apart.
I'm on my knees and I'm praying you're as cool as you were that night in the car.

We'll tear you apart, I'll tear you apart.

I feel so good now, that I won't lie.


You know that I want you...
Track Name: No Not Really... But Yeah
Anatomy, Anatomy
I wanna tear you apart.
Pour this hate from your heart
until your soul is empty, and I can finally breathe.
Cause it's all that's inside;
It keeps you alive.
But it's the leech draining me;
I don't think I wanna die, but I'm almost empty.

*Away from you
I find myself out.
To stray from this, is to let myself down.
You miss the point, you miss the point
when you say that it's good for me.
You miss the point, you miss the point
when you say that it's good for me,
for me to eat.

Analogies, Analogies
Let's tear apart my songs
until their clothes are all off
and you can finally see
that it's all that's inside
it keeps you alive.
But it's the leech draining me;
I don't think I wanna die
But we're {the host and the parasite} almost empty.

Track Name: Firmamentality
The skies don't look so bright from here.
I tried to hold back my sweet tears.
I know they say grown men don't cry.
So I tried to hold it all inside until I die.
My body is a church...
*Doesn't the thought scare you, that I am untrue
to myself and my soul.
Just thought that you knew
that I was wrong.
And my thoughts were all fueled
by greed – here's my song, here's my song.

My head is filled with pews so my ideas sit
not because they want to, but because they're forced to it
by society's guilt and the illusion that they're clean.
So my hands pass pans filled to empty the sting
of my idea's short-comings.
My body is a church...

Track Name: Bottom of the Sea
As I swim down to the bottom of the sea I realize I am free.
Track Name: The Numbers Are Up, Mr. Black
I'm not alive, though still far from dead.
These summer songs keep playing through my head.
And I don't want love, can we just be friends?
I'll be the cactus, if you'll just be the sand

You are a river flowing towards the sea.
I am the ocean, so come and dance with me
'cause we're just water, mixed with skin and teeth.
I'll be Devendra, if you'll be Natalie

*Who did you think that I would be?
All your heroes are dead.
I came to take their place,
but I'll just let you down instead.

We're not the same as you.
No one's to blame but you.
(I don't want you to love me anymore...
and we'll keep, carrying the torch)